środa, 31 grudnia 2014

2014 round up

Here is a little summary of 2014, the year I joined RTW fast and sew my clothes instead of buying them. I managed to sew 15 garments for myself, 9 of them are dresses. 10 projects are made in knits, which means that I conquered my fear of knits forever.
New techniques I learned:
- baby hems,
- hand rolled hem,
- coverstiching - I bought coverstitch, which was a splurge, because I already owned a serger, but it took my sewing to next level,
- setting sleeves flat,
- full bust adjustment (for my sister)

Sewing goals for 2015:
- sew work appropriate wardrobe - during 2014 I sew mostly casual wardrobe, now I need some more office clothes,
- sew more separates - including shirts,
- sew more Burda patterns - in 2014 I sew only 3 garments. Burda is consistent with sizing, and I have a lot of experience in adjusting patterns to fit me.
- sew some loungewear (tunics, robe),

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